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At Lightricks, we focus on our mission by staying true to these shared values: 

Getting things done

We encourage people to go beyond the task, to turn thoughts into action

Create fun

We are all about creation and passion, but we make sure to keep it playful as well

Strong opinions, loosely held

Great ideas can come from anywhere. We encourage speaking up and listening wholeheartedly

Invest in people

People make us who we are, so we invest in them by making them who they are

Embrace change

The creative process is fluid, iteration and evolution are welcome in any project

Get things done

We strive to go beyond the task and to turn thoughts into action.

Create fun

We’re all about creation, passion, and keeping the workplace playful. 

Strong opinions,
loosely held

We speak up and listen because we know great ideas can come from anyone.  

Invest in people

People make us who we are, so we invest in them by making them who they are.

Embrace change

The creative process is fluid. Different opinions and points of view are essential to any project.

Bringing ideas to life

We believe anyone with an idea should experience the magic of bringing it to life. That’s why we push the limits of technology to make products and services that give our community new ways to express themselves. By removing the barriers to creation, we put creators closer to that magic.

Inspiring work environment

We offer a vibrant and dynamic workplace that is fulfilling and rewarding, where employees are constantly learning and exploring areas of collaboration. We invest in our people by cultivating their skills and talents, to enjoy the challenges of meaningful, engaging work.

Creation is everywhere

Our six international locations offer a unique work environment, enriched with creativity and innovation. Join us in one of our global locations: Jerusalem, Kyiv, London, Shenzhen, United States, and Haifa as we support creators throughout their journey.

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