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Generated with Text to Image in Photoleap

Updated, September 6th, 2022

Lightricks First to Introduce AI-Powered Image Generator In Mobile Photo Editing Apps

Users now can generate unique images with text prompts or sketches, then edit, customize and own them through existing features of the apps – all from within their phone.

Lightricks, the rapidly growing creator platform known for creating advanced mobile photo and video tools Facetune, Videoleap and Photoleap, announced AI-driven Image generator features within Photoleap, Motionleap and Facetune.

“AI technology has proven its powerful capabilities when it comes to content creation. The implementation of the Text to Image feature directly within our apps, opens an entire realm of possibilities for our users, giving them limitless opportunities for incredible content creation,” said Zeev Farbman, CEO and co-founder of Lightricks. “This new tool supports our mission to help users enjoy the magic of creating, and inspire a new generation of content creators.”

Lightricks’ new image generator allows users to create unique AI art and images by providing simple text prompts via powerful open source AI – right from within the app. In Photoleap and Motionleap, the resulting images can then be edited and personalized before sharing on their favorite platform. In Facetune, users can edit the images will all their favorite tools, as well as use them as a backdrop or clothing pattern.

The technology uses transformers to convert the users’ text into numbers, which then go through a process of diffusion - changing those numbers into images. Users only need to download the most recent update of the apps to begin tapping into the power of the feature and reach a new level of personal inspiration.

Facetune is a leading app for selfie photo and video editing and Photoleap offers a full suite of photo editing capabilities, from layering and cut-out tools, to filters and quick art. Motionleap is best known for its animation feature, giving users the ability to create the perception of motion in still photos.