Six Hispanic Creators to Follow During Hispanic Heritage Month

October 12, 2021

Making up about 1/5 of the U.S. population, Latinx and Hispanic people are a part of what makes up the rich cultural fabric in so many places. 

You see them in your clothes; you hear them in your music, you taste their influences in your food; but when do you really get the chance to celebrate Hispanic culture and influences? Well, how about now? 
Hispanic Heritage Month is when the U.S. celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Observing it started in 1968 as “Hispanic Heritage Week,” and it was expanded in a month in the ‘80’s by President Regan. 
The Month long celebration, from September 15 - October 15, might seem like a random mid-month to mid-month thing, but they’re not. The dates coincide with several independence days for the countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.
Now that Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing, everyone wants in on it (including us!). 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is even nodding to the Hispanic culture with many of its designers in “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” their latest fashion-inspired exhibition nods to several Latin American designers from Venezuela (Carolina Herrera), the Dominican Republic (Oscar de la Renta), and Cuba (Isabel Toledo and Narciso Rodriguez), as well as emerging Latinx designers like Mexican-American Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport, Uruguayan Gabriela Hearst, and Mexican Raul Solís of LRS.

The celebration has reached new heights thanks to social media platforms, and what greater way to celebrate than by taking inspiration from some of the culture’s favorite creators?
Whether you’re looking to be inspired by recipes, art, beauty, fashion, or leveling up your finances. Here are six of our favorite Hispanic creators that you should follow during Hispanic Heritage month (and, let’s be real, all the time):

1. Eat
We all love a good Taco Tuesday. But imagine being able to concoct your own Mexican cuisine on the daily. That’s where Lola Dweck comes in. With Lola’s Cocina, she’ll have you cooking up a feast in no time! Her modern takes on Mexican favorites are drool-worthy, too. Think: Passionfruit agua fresca (a delicious, refreshing beverage); Pitaya Coconut Kiwi paletas (popsicles); turkey picadillo tostadas, and so much more!
And sure, she inspires with plenty of recipes and culture, but it’s her virtual cooking classes that are a real standout. 

Watch a pro, then recreate it on your own, with the help of Lightricks!

2. Shop
When it comes to fashion, Hispanic designers have been at the forefront. Creator-turned-designer Venezuelan-American Simonett Pereira first debuted her line ( named Simonett) in Miami in 2019. Her pieces are both futuristic and fun. 

Explore her Insta for some monochromatic inspiration with a flair for the tropical. Or visit her storefront to see the pieces—from accessories and jewelry to swimwear, daywear, and everything in between—up close and personal.

3. See
Colombian artist Natalia Gallego/GLeo has often had her street art dubbed “culturally enchanting.” She shows off her Latinidad background through her art, and her iconic “eyes” are everywhere. She travels the world transforming nondescript walls into masterpieces. You’ll find her on many “best of” street art lists all over the world, and her colorful larger-than-life murals create imaginary worlds led by female characters that we so want to live in. 

In 2018, she set the record for the world’s largest mural painted by a single artist, with a 50,000-square-foot mural in Wichita, Kansas—and she used over 500 gallons of paint! 

4. Earn
Linda García/Luz Warrior is now a motivational speaker and wealth generator. But she got her feet wet in TV and film, working as on-air talent for Telemundo and Univision before moving to work for Netflix’s content division. While there, she was the driving force behind Spanish subs and dubs for Netflix U.S. originals and the launch of telenovelas. 

But now, she’s all about wealth—or, more clearly, how to get it. The Mexican-American is inspiring others with her words of wisdom on how to break free of generational wealth issues—and her podcast, Let there be Luz, is what keeps the lights on.

5. Create
Lora Arellano is inspiring others to create their own looks—quite literally. As the founder/CEO of Melt Cosmetics, she’s the celebrity makeup artist that Rihanna swears by. 

Arellano loves showing off her Mexican heritage—and her Insta will give you plenty of Halloween ideas, to wow in! Her how-to’s and tutorials are easy to master, and her collaborations are boo-worthy. (Hello, Melt x Beetlejuice!) Just be sure to recreate them—and show them off on Facetune 2.

6. Play
It’s all fun and games with this guy—quite literally. This list wouldn’t be complete without a gamer. And who better than Guillermo Díaz Ibañez, known to his followers as Willyrex? He has one of the top Latin American gaming channels on YouTube (he’s got two channels now!), and his other channels (8.3 million, on Insta alone!) are gaining traction too. The Spanish-born YouTube creator has also published a saga of books, Wigetta, with fellow YouTuber Samuel de Luque Batuecas. And to think, the creator life all started for him when he joined YouTube to share gameplays with his friends.
Whether you’re actually Hispanic or just an empanada lover, spend some time learning from these creators, who are at the top of their game. You’ll be saying gracias in no time.

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