Snapchat Partners with Lightricks to Launch Creative Tools for Spotlight

Today, Snapchat is rolling out a new Creative Kit for content creators that features direct integrations with Lightricks apps Beatleap and Videoleap.

June 21, 2021

The new partnership with Snap is part of Lightricks’s larger mission to provide tools and resources that help maximize joy in the content creation process while minimizing friction, so that anyone with an idea can experience the magic of bringing it to life and express themselves to the world.

A New Collab for Snap and Lightricks 

The Snap-Lightricks partnership unites Lightricks’s user-friendly creator tools with the Snapchat ecosystem to remove friction from content sharing. And because the product integration is built to maximize reach on the Snapchat app’s new Spotlight feed interface, it’s designed to help creators expand their audience beyond their existing followers. 

Spotlight helps users step beyond the creators, channels, and followers they already know to discover new content that they’re going to love. 

Snap is in the process of expanding and strengthening its creator base, following the gradual global rollout of Spotlight starting late last year. Spotlight is Snapchat’s community-driven entertainment platform that helps creators share their content with a larger audience, even if their subscriber base is still relatively small, by boosting the best content to be seen by more eyes, no matter who created it. 

As part of the launch, Snap is also adding Lightricks’s creative momentum to the power of Spotlight, offering two Lightricks apps as part of a Creative Kit that allows Snapchatters to share a moment, experience, or content item with friends on Snapchat with a single tap. 

Content creators can use the awesome Lightricks tools -- Beatleap and Videoleap -- to produce engaging, professional-looking videos, then publish them to Snap Stories, on Spotlight, or directly to fellow Snapchatters. 

How Does It Actually Work?

With the new integration, you’ll create your content using either Beatleap or Videoleap, as always. Once you’ve produced your perfect video, a single tap is all it takes to post it on Snap’s Spotlight, share it with friends in a Snapchat, or add it to your Snap Stories. 

Using Beatleap, you can quickly and easily produce fantastic video collages and remixes in just a few taps, without any complicated music mixing configurations or manual syncing with the visuals. You can use it to automatically add rhythm to videos, introduce cute effects, flyers, and filters, and trim, cut, and mix up video clips using rhythm-based algorithms. 

Videoleap might be the most powerful yet easy to use mobile video editing app yet developed, with high end video editing features for pros and intuitive filters for beginners. It offers a wide range of video effects, sound effects, filters and more. 


We’re excited that our partnership with Snap is the latest to provide new opportunities for our app users to express themselves to new and like-minded audiences across the world’s most popular platforms and communities. Videoleap was named one of the initial partners in TikTok’s app developer program, and Snapchat’s new Creative Kit represents a new level of partnership between the content distribution platform, and Lightricks, with its content creator tools. By joining together, Snap and Lightricks are empowering content creators to enjoy more discoverability, better support, and more engagement, helping to grow the creator economy.

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