Social Media Creators with Successful Businesses: The OG Fashion Bloggers

October 13, 2021

In the early aughts, social media was just getting its start—as a way of connecting business and school contacts and establishing a way to network. And yes, even before MySpace, there were sites like Six Degrees and Friendster. But it wasn’t until 2006 when we really saw the birth of the creator/influencer.

These creators were at the forefront of what they were doing. They were blogging. They were posting. They were taking us behind the scenes of fashion shows, music festivals and exclusive parties—and we loved every minute of it.

While many of these creators started as “it girls,” they came into their own together—and established what social media should be: Not just a way to establish a fanbase, but a way of life that builds a brand—their own.

Here, then, are some of our favorite original it girls who have established themselves in the fashion scene—not just as creators, models, and bloggers, but as entrepreneurs that are making their own rules in fashion.

Aimee Song - Song of Style
Aimee Song’s “Song of Style” blog started as a passion project. While no one took her seriously in the beginning, now she’s considered a mega influencer, with more than 6 million followers on Instagram. The author and creator has been playing the fashion game for over a decade, and while her website still features her blog, it’s now more of a content creation spanning home, career, the standard #OOTD, and her shoppable collection via Revolve.

Alexa Chung - Alexachung
Dubbed one of the original it girls, Alexa Chung’s street style captured the hearts of many. And while her career has spanned the industry, going from model to television presenter, writer, and fashion designer, it’s her eponymous collection that’s now turning heads. She got her designing start with collabs, but now she’s “creating clothes that people want to wear.” Translation: Pieces inspired by her homeland that would make any Anglophile gush.

Gala González - Amlul
Known as the first fashion Spanish blogger, Gala González has been making waves for over a decade. The creator is also known for her modeling and DJing—and she proudly adds fashion designer to that list with her brand, Amlul. She calls it “the brand with no seasons,” which means all her pieces are adjustable to your needs and don’t follow the day or night, summer or winter dichotomy. Conceived with a resort state of mind, her collections are sustainably made in Spain. All of the pieces are limited edition, and she doesn’t restock—so when you see something you like, don’t wait.

Huda Kattan - Huda Beauty
Huda Kattan shifted gears from finance to pursue her passion: beauty blogging. While she’s worn many hats in the beauty industry as a blogger, makeup artist, and influencer, she shifted gears into launching Huda Beauty, a billion-dollar brand with a celeb following. The brand practically exploded overnight due to her social media fanbase, reaching nearly 50 million followers on Instagram alone. Her brand celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and she’s known for her foundation, which comes in 30 shades, for a wide variety of skintones.

Don’t worry about fitting into someone else’s style. Creativity is about self expression, and no matter how many people follow you, you can be a creator in any way you want to be. These “it girls” and their diverse styles, collections and followings make it clear that creativity runs on an endless spectrum.

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